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Equipment Checklist

Cocktail Reception Items

Most items listed under Bar Service and Optional Items

Specific glassware to accomodate various drinks you are serving

Serving trays for staff to pass beverages to your guest

A wide assortment of trays available
from Silver Tray Rentals
Have everything you need to properly serve your guest?

Here is a check list of commonly needed equipment. If you are missing any of these items, contact Silver Tray Rentals for inventory options and pricing.

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Bar Service – The following items are neeed for every bar

  Cooler for chilling beer & wine
Cooler full of clean ice that goes into the drinks
Ice bowl to be set on bar for easy access
Ice scoop
Glassware or Disposable cups

Additional Items commonly used for Bar Services

  Cocktail Napkins/or Cocktail type Straws
Bar top caddy to place napkins / straws
Fruit to garnish drinks   (see bar supplies)
Garnish caddy to hold the Fruit Garnish
Sugar/Salt rim setup for Martini’s or Margaritas
Trash Cans w Bags / Bar Towels / Dump Bucket

* Glassware types: wine glass, cocktail glass, water/soda goblet, champagne flute, martini/margarita glass, pilsner glass, or others


Buffet Dinner Service Items

With many factors to consider, we suggest contacting a representative at Silver Tray Rentals to discuss specific needs.


Seated Dinner Service

Please contact a representative at Silver Tray Staffing or Silver Tray Rentals to discuss your specific needs.

*Dinner Service Items: tableware, chafers, platters, coffee urns/cups/saucers, ice coolers, tables, chairs, linen napkins & table clothes, etc.