We Are

Attention to details and top-notch service is what our clients expect.  At Silver Tray Staffing, we always strive to exceed expectations and consistently deliver the highest level of service possible.

Based in Dallas/Fort Worth and the industry leader since 2007, Silver Tray Staffing is the solution for all your catering and special event staffing needs. Whether you are needing a full-time dishwasher to handle scullery duties in your kitchen, or 80 temp servers to do synchronized service at an annual fund-raiser Gala, we have the team of well trained, organized, and attentive staff that delivers Service in Style.

Our Team

We maintain an exclusive roster of carefully selected individuals that are trained in all aspects of formal dining environments.  Clean cut and fresh faces, all our staff embodies the standard of professionalism only found at Silver Tray Staffing.  From beginning to end of every event we staff, your satisfaction is what we aim to provide.


We are always looking for more friendly faces to train and join our team of professionals.  While experience is not required, it is some experience in Catering, Banquet Halls, or Fine Dining. 

We offer temporary gig assignments in a wide variety of event atmospheres.  If you are interested in this fun and flexible part-time environment, please click the Application below.

Staff Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Must be 18+ years of age, and English speaking

  • TABC certified (simple online class cost $10-$15)

  • Able to lift 30+ pounds and stand on feet for extended period of time

  • Show up in clean and well-pressed uniform for every event

  • Be well groomed , with no visible tattoos, no un-natural colored or extreme hair styles

  • No facial piercing (unless removable during event)

  • No gauge type ear lobes

  • Finger nails must be natural colored and not too long